Get a basic website up in under one hour that you can update yourself or get help with.

Build your First Website Program
I will show you step-by-step how I build a basic site in under one hour using inexpensive tools. Follow along and build your own site.

Top three reasons to attend this live webinar:

  • Be more innovative and entrepreneurial. Isn't it time to build a first website? It is actually super simple. NOW is the time to learn it and do it! Build a website for yourself, your organization, a new idea, a cause...or something just for fun and your own learning.
  • Develop important skills like using online tools, creating a website, and communicating online.
  • Learn how to get into action in a more innovative way to succeed sooner using online tools & effective high-impact website development practices

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Darin has converted his education and experience into over 30 products and services purchased by more than 20 Top US News Universities, 10 Fortune 500 companies, and numerous nonprofits and individuals. Email [email protected] to connect further.

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You can do the first "back-end" steps now in the 9 minutes of video tutorials in this "how to start a blog or site" post. Get hosting, support, a domain name, and a "one click" wordpress software installation. Then, join us for the live webinar where we will build a basic site.

Do you have expertise in a specific area? Perhaps you have a great education and want to leverage the knowledge you gained. Maybe you have valuable experience in a focused field. You may not have converted this into something entrepreneurial yet.

Could you create products and services that benefit to others? Would you like to build your credibility in a tangible way? Would you like to publish a book, speak at events, offer digital programs, do webinars, license video programs, offer coaching, etc.? Your own website is the first step.