Welcome to your brainstorming and idea development training program. Have a specific challenge in mind, try the techniques and activities we show in the online workshop videos, and build your own idea generating project with your group. Your challenge could be to use the program to create an excellent, interactive, and productive brainstorming workshop for your organization, teams, and clients.

Part 1. Structure and Strategy for Brainstorming: Brainstorming should be based on a sound process with catalyzing questions that address challenges you have. This workshop will guide you through activities to set up your own brainstorming program. We will provide you with a simple step-by-step system of activities to use for your own challenge and show you examples of products and organizational programs developed from this process.

• Gain a simple and systematic process for structuring your brainstorming strategy.
• Formulate organized questions to generate more ideas.

Download Part 1 PDF handouts.

Part 2. Individual techniques and tools for brainstorming: Break out of ruts, generate more ideas, or think in new directions with ideation tools and techniques for individual brainstormers.

• Applying individual idea generating tools & techniques
• Facilitating group idea generating tools & techniques
• Training brainstormers in using thinking tools

Download Part 2 PDF handouts.

Part 3. Facilitating brainstorming with groups: Enable your team of brainstormers to generate hundreds of ideas per hour and zero in on the best concepts to develop further. Learn how to bring the best team of thinkers to the table.

• How to prepare for the brainstorming session
• How to stimulate new ideas
• How to select the best brainstormers
• How to engage the group in idea analysis and synthesis

Download Part 3 PDF handouts.

Part 4. The role of brainstorming in sustaining an organizational culture of innovation:
How can brainstorming in individuals and groups be catalyzed and sustained in an organization so that it contributes positively to the culture of innovation the organization is seeking?

• Implementing ongoing brainstorming initiatives
• Launching brainstorming events
• Assessing and engaging employees

Download Part 4 PDF handouts.


Brainstorming Session Recording

Listen in to this training brainstorm to be reminded of the key elements of idea generation. Observe the structure, the facilitation and the experienced and new brainstormers. View the report to see how we processed the results too. Next, create your own group brainstorm on a real challenge and questions to test out some of the elements you would like to include.

Download the report from this creativity education training brainstorm to see the how the ideas and analysis are presented.

Tool in Action

Here is a “sheet of paper” tool in action that demonstrates systematic and rapid step-by-step idea development that you can do on your own, in meetings, or as a part of formal brainstorming groups.

eBook Download

eBook Download: Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Systematically Develop Ideas for Any Challenge
This book shows more idea development examples of the step-by-step innovation system.
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